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The “Unlimited White Label Rights” license allows you to 
rename / rebrand / resell

the 1ClickWP software as your own (as if you created it). Charge any price you wish!

Make sure you consider the Developer Rights offer first.

Then, watch the video below & keep reading this page...

Did you already buy the Developer Rights upgrade? Great! In addition to being able to perform the service of installing, backing up & migrating/cloning WordPress sites using 1ClickWP, the White Label License available here will also let you resell this software as your own.

Join the small circle of elite 1ClickWP users who have ‘taken the plunge’ and started offering advanced WordPress management services to their customers for massive profits.

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Did you know? Selling your own software products is perhaps the most lucrative way to make money online. However, software development is hard. Creating your own software product to sell costs thousands. Plus, it takes many months until it’s fully tested and ready for launch.

Most people don’t have sufficient capital (or patience) to start selling their own software products. It’s just too time consuming and it costs too much to “dip your toes” in the software business. Most people stay on the sidelines and never try launching their own info product...

Well, we’ve removed those obstacles for people who choose to take advantage of this White Label Rights upgrade.

You’ll reap the full benefits of owning your own business, without having to do any of the annoying startup work (because it’s already done for you).

Today... You can have your own software product that you can sell as your own, as if you created it. You can even charge your own prices, and keep 100% of the money you earn!

This reseller upgrade is perfect for software vendors, WordPress developers & affiliate marketers who wish to resell 1ClickWP to their own customers.

Refund Guarantee

Your Upgrade Is 100% Guaranteed To Make You Happy (Or Your Money Back)

Your 30-day money back guarantee still applies to this purchase! Your purchase is 100% secure.

Our customer support is happy to assist you with getting started with making money online by reselling 1ClickWP.

If you can’t reach a favorable resolution through our support team, we will refund you 100% of your money back.

1ClickWP White Label Rights Ultimate Package

Difference between Developer Rights and Unlimited White Label Rights explained below:

These bonuses are available exclusively for Unlimited White Label Rights holders

Unlimited White Label Rights customers
 will also receive these free bonuses:

Special White Label Bonus #1: Full Sales Funnel (“Done For You” Sales Materials)

This professionally written copy will help you generate sales instantly. Just put in your own Buy buttons, upload it online, generate traffic, and cash out.

No work is required on your part as we’ve already done it for you.

Value: $597


Special White Label Bonus #2: Full Email Swipes (“Done For You” Marketing Sequence)

Want to recruit affiliates to send you traffic so you can make sales? Perfect. Just give them our promo email sequence and they’ll convert readers into buyers.

Even if you don’t speak English very well, you can cash in big time on this software thanks to the Unlimited White Label Rights available through this special offer.

Value: $197


Special White Label Bonus #3: Full Graphics & Video Pack (“Done For You” Web Promo)

Don’t get lost in the sea of software offers. This bonus will help you stand out of the crowd & sell even more copies of this software. Your persuasive sales copy will get a boost from these professionally designed elements making your product offer look super sexy.

Value: $197

Total bonus value: $900+


Q: Do I need the Developer Rights License before I get the Unlimited White Label Rights?
A: Yes. Your White Label Rights won’t be activated until your Developer Rights License is paid.

Q: What if I haven’t bought the Developer Rights License yet? 

A. Click here to grab your copy while the discount is still in place. 

Q: Can I charge any price I want for the 1ClickWP software?
A: Yes. You can even charge a one-time fee or recurring monthly fees (that’s entirely up to how you want to run your business).

Q: How soon can I start selling 1ClickWP after I buy?

A: Within 10 minutes of purchase, you will receive full access to the reseller portal.

Q: Do you provide the sales materials for me to use? 

A: Yes. See the Bonuses section above.



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